Aeonian Ovia Coaching and Consulting gives you the best of Stefan and Joy! Get deep insight and direction for your community, your business, or your artistry. Best of all, you’ll get time each month dedicated specifically to your goals.

We promise Coaching and Consulting with Joy and Stefan is different from anything you’ve experienced. Guaranteed! We will never come in and do some boring “business audit” just to start working on “action items”.


At Aeonian Ovia we truly care about your needs AND your goals. We want to see businesses profitable, communities lifted, and artistry embraced. Once we ensure we’ve properly grasped your organization’s identity, we go out of our way to make sure we preserve and express that identity in a way that elevates you, empowers your team, and achieves your ambitions.


Aeonian Ovia coaching and consulting programs offer so much more than traditional firms. Best of all, you get personalized, first-class support in all your endeavors. With Stefan and Joy, it’s like your favorite cousins are helping you succeed each step of the way. We offer advising in artist exposure, business development, community growth and engagement, marketing strategy, project management and administration, planning, branding and so much more!

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